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Many people like to travel and watch their favorite TV-shows or watch the news but the problem is that satellite channels are impossible to get unless you have a portable satellite antenna. Portable satellite antennas used to be really expensive but nowadays they are much more affordable.

Having a portable satellite dish means that you can have satellite TV everywhere you go because you’ll always have a satellite delivering signal. Normal TV signal may not reach everywhere but the satellite signal is anywhere you go.

This is the perfect solution for people that don’t want to be without Satellite TV just because they’re travelling.

In this article I’m going to explain everything you need to know when buying a Manual Satellite Dish.

  • Manual vs Automatic

You have two kinds of portable satellite dishes, one is manual and the other is automatic. This means that the manual satellite dish has to be set up or align with the satellite manually while the automatic does everything for you. The automatic aligns and picks the satellite signal quicker but is way more expensive. Maybe losing a bit of time every time you set up the dish is better because you can save some serious money if you opt for the manual.

  • Setting up

When you buy a portable satellite dish you have to know how long it takes to set up the dish, some dishes are really easy to set up while others take a long time to mount and set up. I advise you to read reviews of the equipment you want to buy and check how long it takes to mount and align the dish. Some dishes are really good and pick up a good signal very easily while with others you need to fiddle for a long time to get the right signal.

  • Weight and Size

When buying your portable satellite system you need to pay attention to the weight and size. Some shops claim to sell portable satellite dishes but the problem is that they’re so big or so heavy that they are really hard to carry which makes the word portable meaningless. You want something light that doesn’t weights more than 10 pounds and you want something small like less of half square meter. Make sure that you can carry your portable satellite system with one hand or under your harm.

Sometimes the images can lead you in mistake and because of that you should make sure you read the specifications, in the specifications you should find the weight and the size.

  • Channels

With a portable satellite dish you can have instant access to hundreds of channels, you just need to point the receiver to the satellite and that’s it, free television for as long as you want. As you know you can have loads of information from the satellite channels like the news, documentaries, TV-shows, movies, sports, and the list just goes on.

Each satellite has loads of channels which means that you’ll have access to a wide choice of programs.

Remember that many people pay money to have satellite channels without a satellite dish and with this equipment you can have all the satellite channels on the go.

  • It’s free

The best thing about this equipment is that you can have access to hundreds of channels for free. Some people pay a lot of money to have all the channels that you can have with this equipment. The price you pay for a manual portable satellite dish is nothing comparing with the money you’re going to save from not paying cable or any other service provider of satellite TV channels.

  • Prices of Portable Satellite Dish options

When you buy a portable satellite dish you have two options, one is the automatic and another is the manual. The price difference between the two systems is quite high because the automatic is double the price of the manual. The automatic portable dishes range from $400 to $600 while the manual ones range from $150 to $250.

The manual portable satellite system might take a bit more time to set up but it’s way more reliable and lasts a long time because it is very simple.

If you aren’t worried about money then you can opt for the automatic one that is way easier and faster to align with the satellite but if you don’t mind to spend a few minutes setting up the dish and if you want to save money then go for the manual one.

  • Conclusion

You need to be careful and read a lot of reviews about the system you want to buy because a lot of systems are crap. Follow my advices to the letter and don’t forget to check the specifications.

If you opt for automatic dishes be even more careful because there are a lot of them that don’t work properly. If you opt for a manual one then you can relax a bit because they usually work well, the only difference you might find between systems is that some pick up a better signal than others. With the manual dishes you want to make sure that you get one that picks a clear signal no matter what.

If you follow my advices you’re bound to get a good and affordable system. In this article you can find a RV MANUAL SATELLITE DISH that answers all the conditions to be a good system for your RV.

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